Sunday, December 25, 2011

Easy Belly Fat Exercises for a Flat Tummy

We all want to get rid of the belly fat, extra tire, beer belly or whatever else you may want to call it. It is easier said than done. What can you do other than being on a restrictive diet? The good news is there are many easy exercises that you can do to lose that belly fat and get a flatter tummy.

Contrary to popular belief, doing crunches won’t eliminate belly fat completely. You need to burn fat and then do crunches to tone your abs. Doing crunches after getting rid of that belly fat will work a lot better than doing them beforehand.

Before wasting your time doing a million crunches that won’t provide any results, do fat burning exercises such as jogging or swimming to burn the fat in your belly and use crunches and sit-ups in order to give you some definition in your abs.

The best fat busting exercise to do in order to help you slim down is belly dancing. It is not only useful for burning fat but also extremely fun to do. In one belly dancing workout session, you can burn up to 500 calories. Make sure to keep yourself well hydrated through the workout.

Another great belly fat busting workout is swimming. Swimming is great during the summer months – especially because it not only keeps you hydrated, but also lets you do many exercises without having the weight of your body keeping you down.

Swimming also works out many other parts of your body while working your midsection. Swimming helps your lungs build endurance so that you’re able to hold your breath longer. It also works your legs and arms at the same time.

Jogging is one of the belly fat exercises that also helps you slim down while keeping your heart rate up and giving your lungs a good work out. For most people, jogging takes them away from the hassle of everyday life, giving them much needed stress relief.

Doing Zumba classes once or twice a week can also greatly decrease the amount of belly fat your body is storing. Zumba is a Latin-based dance workout that’s really fun and easy to follow.

In one single Zumba class, you can burn up to 900-1000 calories alone! That’s almost all but 400 calories of your daily diet if you are a woman and all but 700 if you are a man.

Riding your bike is also a great way to slim your belly fat. Riding your bike gives your body a lot of variety. Biking up a hill gives you a hard workout and really makes you push yourself.

Biking down a hill gives you the little bit of rest that you need. Biking not only works your abs, but your legs and arms as well. When biking, always be safe; bring a water bottle, wear reflective clothing, and check the weather before you head out so that you can prepare yourself for whichever of Mother Nature’s miracles may be hurled at you.

Belly fat exercises to help you slim down come in many forms. Don’t expect to do them all in one day. Also remember that losing weight and getting a trimmer tummy takes time and you have to implement the proper diet and exercise regimen as well.

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